Piano Maintenance

Several factors come into account for good housekeepingand a proper use of pianos.
Even those not given that you are for informationAnd allow you especially preserve your instrument of some inconvenience.


Climate precautions are essential for the maintenance and survival of yourpiano. It is composed of 80% wood and supports a tension ropes 10 to 20 tons and which makes the instrument more sensitive to changes in humidity.
Droughtis more dangerous that excess moisture, it results a loosening and oneexcessive gambling in mechanical movements and a déformation or slot of the wooden parts (keys, furniture, soundboard). The slots or takeoffs can be serious and lead to significant repair costs.
Excess moisture commonly causes a rust metal parts, including the ropes and a seizure of mechanical drives.
For remedythese problems, thestudy onreplacement your piano may be a main factor in conservation.

The location

Do not stick the piano (right)against a wall, Leave a space of 10 to 25 cm to not stifle the sound and allow ventilation.
Leave at least1.50 m space between the instrument and the Near radiator.
If a stack is in the room, placed as piano withdrawal thereof.
Avoid wet areas or corridors air flow, as well as parts for large glazed areas.

Remedy drought

Placing inside the piano removing the bottom panel jar of water (Jam style pots without cover) without interfering with the movement of the pedals, so that it absorbs moisture it needs, setting itself the humidity rate.

Moisture cure

Change the coating and the local place moisture absorbers in the corners of the room. If the place remains uninhabited during the winter, place sheets of paper inside the piano. Today there is an electronic hygrometer system  » le Dampp-Chaser« For automatic control to install the piano.

Cleaning the keys

just use themethylated spirits for ivory keys and soapy water for plastic keys.

Maintenance Schedule

As often as necessary to avoid a drop in pitch resulting voltage change and loss of stability.
Two agreements per year are recognized for good maintenance. A minimum agreement by year.

Hoping to help in the conservation and preservation of the instrument.

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